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Flathead River Fly-Fishing Report 2.24.20

Found a few players yesterday on the Middle Fork of the Flathead river!

Swung the two-hander (trout-spey) yesterday afternoon....I was a little hesitant to hit the Middle due to the cooler water temps, but I needed a break from the SF + mainstem.

With a mixed day of sun and clouds, with the river H2o temps around 36* and running about 550 cfs. I was fuelled by the chance of meeting up with a nice cutty....and I was rewarded. On the menu was a size 8 white sparkle minnow fished on MOW a tip 5ftx5ft T8 with about 4.5 ft 2x leader.

As we finish out February I, like you look forward to pre runoff and finding more eager players.

Stop by Lary's Fly and Supply say hi, and check out all the new gear showing up daily, where everyday if FLYday!

I need a new selfie camera man:)

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