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The Bite ( ol' Lary's fishin' report)

Updated: Feb 24, 2020


“I'm not going out until the temperature is above my age".

Overall this winter has been very mild...good news is our snowpack is well above average, which is great for our fisheries.

Last week my buddy Russ and I headed down to the Thompson river, taking a break from the slopes to see if we could be humbled by the late winter browns, rainbows, and whitey's. As we dodged down trees and a road covered with a sheet of ice that would make a hockey player jealous we finally reached our point of entry. I hooked a nice brown right of the bat, strippin' a size 10 olive bugger out of a slow deep tailout. Which as we all know the first fish after two casts is surely going to be a hex. Russ on the other hand crushed it....rainbows and whites all nymphing using size 8 snow cone and a pat's stonefly. So, eventually I was seduced by all the fish he was catching and rigged up my nymph rod....In all a great day!

I've also, been swingin, the two hander on the Flathead with various results. Small olive buggers size 10-8, and black leeches same size, always produce. Try the SF of the Flathead as the water temp is a bit warmer or the main-stem. Look for slow walking speed water, deep buckets and tail-outs.

Stop by and say hi, have a shot with ol' Lary and gives us your fishin' report!

Tightlines the Lary's crew

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